Sartoro Founders

Sartoro Story

Sartoro was founded in 2001 by brothers Arto and Saro Artinian, to offer a boutique fine jewelry line inspired and designed on par with cosmopolitan lifestyles and contemporary luxury trends.

The Italian born fine jewelry brand Sartoro, creates jewelry that is both modern and timeless. Staying ahead of the trends, its innovative spirit and audacious creativity breaks the codes of jewelry design in a relentless journey for challenging techniques, astonishing contrasts, and finesse.

Feminine and soft, each piece is handcrafted in 18kt gold and set with diamonds and a selection of exquisite colored gemstones. The DNA of the brand is articulated through elegant designs of wide sculptural shapes, combined with subtle austerity within statement collections, all strongly influenced by modern and contemporary sculpture, architecture and wildlife.

Since 2001, Sartoro has built a consistent reputation with their meticulous detail, unique forms and designs using the highest quality gemstones, creating timeless jewelry to be worn today and treasured forever. Each piece boasts versatility allowing the #SartoroGirl to wear and adorn both her casual and formal style.

With a key focus on e-commerce, all collections from Sartoro are available online with international distribution providing a seamless purchase and delivery process for all customers worldwide. Additionally, Sartoro currently has over 15 exclusive points of sales internationally.