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Kuwait – 30 April 2017


Sartoro Unveils The Limited Edition Peacock Collection At Jewellery Arabia Kuwait 2017
An artistic organza of eyecatching feathers, chromatic tributes and ingrained jewellery mastery reveal the craftsmanship and inventive talent behind the Sartoro Peacock Collection; a limited edition showcase of imagination.
Arto Artinian, the brand curator and creative visionary behind the fascinating collection thinks the prevalence of luxury elements in the collection sets it apart as showcase piece. For the wearer the Peacock Collection is a statement piece. In terms of artwork, workmanship and the attention given to technical details, this is a perfect complement and offering for the already experienced and jewellery-wise knowledgeable Kuwaiti customers.
The spectacular collection is inspired by the enchanting Peacock feathers which symbolize the sheer elegance of wilderness and an ensuing complex feminine sophistication. Through this new collection, Sartoro jewellery offers a unique artistic vision which transcend the limits of time and embody the lifestyle expectation of the socially vibrant modern society today: the style society which has evolved in the past period acquiring independence to personalize its luxury accessories, recognizing originality as well as affluence value within their jewellery acuities.
The Peacock Collection consists of extraordinary beaded long sautoir necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles using a varied blend of rose gold and white gold with diamonds, blue sapphires, emerald beads, tanzanite cabochons, turquoise and distinctive Akoya pearls, fusing methodically a skillful apprehension into jewellery arts, innovation into finest craftsmanship.
SARTORO “Adorns Feminine Intuition”
Booth #120 – Jewellery Arabia Kuwait 2017

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