Gala High Jewelry set

Model wearing the Gala earrings and necklace

A memorable evening

The majestic high-ceiling ballroom with its huge bay windows is decked out for the occasion. The musicians take their places, sliding deft fingers over guitars and pianos as the notes gently waft through space. An imposing central crystal chandelier gleams across the beautifully laid round tables. Inspired by the celebration of such special moments, SARTORO has created the Gala High Jewelry set, elegantly caressing the skin.

Embodying this dreamy spirit, the Gala necklace is composed of two interlacing diamond set chains reflecting the undulating lines of dancing bodies, before converging to highlight the star of the show: an imposing Emerald-cut diamond.

Sartoro GALA-R1WG

Elegance from every angle: Admiring the exquisite craftsmanship of the Gala High Jewelry ring. A timeless embodiment of sophistication and radiance.

Gala High Jewelry Necklace