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Ariana statement necklace in 18K white gold featuring 1496 round brilliant, 19 pear-shaped, 14 oval and 15 emerald cut diamonds weighting a total of 18 carats.

Reference: ARIANA-N1WG
A Diamond Symphony The diamonds of the ARIANA collection are spreading across elegant diamond pave lines like music notes on a score. Oval, emerald and pear cuts, each diamond bring its own touch, its own sound creating an enjoyable melody, the sound of diamonds. Featuring an astonishing statement set completed by an audacious boutique line, the ARIANA collection follows Sartoro’s DNA, being wearable as the ultimate sparkle to your everyday look but also as an eye catching high Jewellery set. ARIANA is a playful collection which invites you, like a composer, to pick and define your music by choosing your designs and stackings. Set your tune, pick our diamonds!
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