Plume High Jewelry Collection

The Plume Collection perfectly signifies femininity, delicacy, and freedom.


Evoking choice in personality, independence, femininity and the sheer splendor of feathers, each set from the Plume Collection has been perfectly crafted as a celebration of a woman’s curves, echoing the shape of their body and soul, bonding the inner intrigues with the outside appearance.

Refined and graceful, the Plume Collection, comprised of five sets, poetically transforms diamonds and gold into a masterpiece. Each transformation carries its own story: a precious narrative that shapes a magical work of art. Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, the collection consists of statement earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, all crafted in white gold and elegantly set with the finest quality diamonds.

Lady Plume

An ode to femininity, the Lady Plume set wraps elegantly around your neck, wrist, fingers, and ears, acting as a second layer of skin.

Imperial Plume

The graceful fluidity of the Imperial Plume set elegantly echoes the beautiful and audacious curves of a woman.

Royal Plume

An appreciation of craftmanship and creativity, the Royal Plume set embraces complex and vibrant compositions that evoke emotion and expression.

Majestic Plume

Like a delicate feather, the Majestic Plume set portrays freedom and elegance with its timeless poise and beauty.