Our Values & Commitment

Since 2001, SARTORO has embodied a tradition of commitment to excellence. A tradition that has built our authentic and honest business. The commitment we follow extends to our creations, quality and service, as well as our people. As a family owned brand, our people are at the forefront of SARTORO. We thrive to ensure all our customers are served in the best possible manner, and all our employees work in an environment that is safe, healthy and inspiring. Everyone is treated equally, with the utmost respect, and as part of the SARTORO family.

Our commitment to sustainability is focused on our continuous efforts to help protect and preserve the planet. At SARTORO, we are committed to sourcing 100% ethical gold, diamonds and gemstones. As owners of our own atelier and manufacturing facilities, we are lucky to be able to monitor every element of production, including the sourcing of sustainable precious metals, semi-precious and precious stones. We pride ourselves on our continuous efforts to help the planet, promote fair trade and protect human and labour rights.