Muse High Jewelry Collection

Each piece is crafted to make the wearer feel powerful, elegant and confident. 


A seamless synthesis of architectural swirls designed and crafted in 18k white gold and diamonds. The Muse collection is an intuitive juxtaposition that takes shape as the diamonds are assembled in sculptural angles to capture the nuances of light.

The Muse collection is a powerful, innovative, and audacious collection. Comprised of rings, earrings, and a statement cuff. Each piece truly breaks the code of jewelry design in a relentless journey for challenging techniques and astonishing contrasts. A perfect collection to make you stand out from the crowd at a fancy gala, or evening soirée.

From drop earrings to statement stud earrings, both styles of Muse earrings symbolise character and individuality.


Unique and creative, the Muse rings wrap around the fingers with comfort and expressive style.

A one of a kind artistic and dramatic twist, the Muse cuff portrays innovative beauty, freedom, and power. Complete with over 1,500 diamonds, perfectly cut and set on a surface of white gold, forming a ‘whirlpool’ that surrounds a central oval-cut diamond. The Muse cuff represents craftmanship at its finest, finished to perfection with its sophisticated architecture, unique curves, and different designs on each side.

Muse High Jewelry Collection

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