Gaia Bloom High Jewellery Collection

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The Gaia Bloom Collection reinvigorates popular classic designs with emotion and expression.

Classic and immensely beautiful, poised with inspiration and enticing twist to all she meets. The woman wearing the Gaia Bloom Collection is innately pro-love, independent, elegant, and self-assured. Each contemporary piece draws inspiration from clean, classic design lines set with dazzling white diamonds.

Refreshing popular classic styles with an enigmatic, enticing, and creative twist.


Bold yet subtle styles embody the Gaia Bloom femininity, with more than a hint of a bygone era of glamour in each creation which is set with pear-shape and brilliant-cut diamonds. The beautiful collection consists of statement diamond pendants, necklaces, bracelets, exquisite earrings, and showstopping rings, intent to dazzle everyone at a stylish and festive soiree gathering.

Comprised of complex and vibrant compositions, the Gaia Bloom necklace evokes the emotion and expression present in the aura of a woman.

Delicate And Feminine, The Gaia Bloom Bracelet Exudes True Beauty As It Elegantly Weaves Around The Wrist.

Layers create depth and a sense of elevation, forming jewellery as dynamic as the women that inspired them.

Grace and elegance, the Gaia Bloom pendant portrays femininity as it hangs beautifully around the neck.