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Our Commitment

To provide masterful techniques and resourceful creativity fused with exceptional material, diamond quality to create unique creations.

A journey through Sartoro’s Atelier…

Sartoro Expertise - Creativity

Though not mentioned enough, the starting point of it all is our designers’ imagination and creativity.

Inspired by their surroundings, emotions, nature and life in general, their designs are personal, individual to each piece. They must respond to a woman’s needs, not just in taste or trends, but also strive to create convenient fine jewelry that can be your everyday luxury.

Follow the journey with our sketchers. The sketching process is crucial as it is a transposition, it embodies the designer’s vision. Step by step, from a rough sketch to a detailed representation, it will serve as a model for the following steps and its precision will answer all technical requirements, especially to create the mold.

Sartoro Expertise - Sketching

Sartoro Expertise - Mounting

Then comes the casting, a jewelry process where wax models are used to create molds, then filled with molten gold becoming the mounting, the structure of the final piece.

Our team of specialized gemologists dedicate each day to meticulously finding and hand selecting the perfect stone. They create the perfect assortment with an unequalled precision. This dedication ensures each Sartoro creation stands out not only thanks to its unique design, but also to the quality of its stones.

The radiance of each jewel is also guaranteed by the GIA certificates available for each of our diamonds above 1 carat.

Sartoro Expertise - Stone assortment

Sartoro Expertise - Setting

Our setters bring the same dedication to all the pieces they work on, from a High Jewelry one-of-a-kind piece, to our everyday creations. Their diamond setting mastery gives all our creations their impeccable, flawless look in addition to their eternal style.

A thorough and meticulous step, polishing clears the piece of any dust during the process but also gives the creation its last sparkling/shining push, leaving it as pure as possible.

Sartoro Expertise - Polishing

Sartoro Expertise - Quality control

Ending it all: Each and every Sartoro creation is submitted to a very scrupulous quality control to ensure each single jewel is exquisite.