Cover Story: Sartoro Game-On! Girls Night Out


“There’s a motivation to win, score big in style, in every women’s pre-function psychology” accordingly to Talar Artinian the Brand Ambassador for Sartoro Lifestyle.

Accompanying the strictly black, evening dress and the dusk red style manicure touches, Sartoro put on a Game-On night get-together for the ladies to enjoy, solely between themselves, in a very feminine, talkative and cheerful atmosphere, being absolutely comfortable between themselves basking under the sparkles of the Gaia and Happy jewelry collections by Sartoro.

Intimate pieces from the current boutique collection are captured alongside the formal Gaia necklace, similarly highlighting on the everyday luxury items such as the white and rose gold mini Happy rings and earrings> All styles planned and photographed in the exceedingly reflective moods of glossy acrylic cubes, show, personal hints and gratified moments.

The motifs of the jewelry pieces selected for the Sartoro Game-On editorial, display the “defined–minimalism” design approach that allows diamonds to replicate their tender shimmer while the jewelry flexibly morphs into the body and the skin tone, creating an ether of ease, making the setting of the photoshoot more lively, and elegant at the same time.

Game-On is the perfect scenario, for this Ladies-only contest, to feel the unique glamour of the Gaia and Happy Collection in a personal atmosphere, enjoying the friendship and the laughter venting Jenga and Domino games, loved by all and shared by all.