Ariana High Jewelry Collection

The Ariana Collection is an elegant illustration of a diamond symphony. Fusing diamond pave lines with oval, pear, and emerald cuts, the Ariana collection sees a selection of feather-light halos designed to wrap around the neck, wrist, and fingers. Somewhat minimalist, and somewhat melodious, the diamonds twinkle reminiscent of musical notes on the score, making for an opulent statement elegantly suited for gown and gala.
The subtle wavy lines are a dreamy accent and emphasise the showstoppers without stealing the spotlight from the queen who bears them. Perfectly comprised of a ring, earrings, bangle, and necklace, the collection is beautifully crafted in 18K gold and set with dazzling diamonds.

Poetic and pure, the Ariana necklace elegantly wraps around the neck, portraying an opulent statement.

A striking combination of oval, round, and emerald-cut diamonds, the Ariana ring epitomises modernism blended with traditional craftmanship.

Elegant and audacious, the Ariana bracelet wraps perfectly around the wrist, embodying femininity, and comfort.

Playful and modern, the Ariana Earrings spread up the ear, recreating the musical notes on a score.

Ariana High Jewelry Collection

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